Why are we doing Artworks?

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to establish that few industries have defied the digital revolution quite like the primary art market.

While new technology and digital innovations have forced the television, film, music and media industries to rethink their business models, the art market seems immune to climb onto the digital opportunities. The online space has also changed the way we experience, exchange ideas and talk about things. No longer is public discussion limited to the artist, the curator or the newspaper critic; there is now a vast array of voices engaged in the debate around art and the public audience has an active part in this discussion.

We realised that many people felt the same way and just didn’t know where to turn to find information about art and art events that did not relate to browsing the local newspapers, Google or tips from friends and family.

So Artworks was born.

What purpose do we fill?

We have two functions:

  1. Make it super-easy for you to navigate your local art scene. (Find)
  2. Make the transaction of art frictionless. (Buy)

Who owns Artworks?

Artworks is owned by Henrik Kanekrans and supported by a small group of private investors.

We are a registered limited company in Sweden (org nr. 559032-8133). Our mission is a positive one - and we believe that making a profit at the same time is no bad thing.

How do we make money?

We take a sales commission for work sold via, or through Artworks. For venues who do not sell art but rather exhibit it, such as a museum, we charge a monthly listing fee.

I spotted something incorrect on Artworks... How can I fix it?

Please contact hey@artworks.io with your comments.

Let’s face it, the art world is opaque. There is no one-stop source to find all the information you might want on an art venue, an artist, or an artwork. So we truly appreciate your help in helping us shape an accurate and up to date platform.

How can I remove my profile from Artworks?

To request removal of your profile, please contact us at hey@artworks.io or use the chat function in the portal.


Who can use Artworks and how much does it cost?

Anyone can use our site or mobile app. To use certain functions we have to ask you to create an account free of charge.

What should I use Artworks for?

Simply put:

  1. To buy great art.
  2. To make it easier to find ongoing art exhibitions.
  3. To get inspired and tickle your mind.

How can I get more information about an artwork?

Click the “Contact for info” or “Reserve” button on the artwork page to initiate a conversation with the seller. Personalise your message to help respond quicker and better.

Some of the artworks have a “Add to cart” button, which means that you can purchase the artwork and organise a delivery straight to your door, alternatively choose to pick it up yourself. In case you have additional questions, contact the artist or venue through their profile page.

How do I buy on Artworks?

Buying with Artworks is exactly like any other online marketplace or webshop.

  1. Once you've found what you want to buy, click on the purchase button to add the product to your shopping cart. Similarly, you add additional products to your shopping cart. Some of our products require a bit of manual match-making - for instance when the price is hidden - those works have a “reserve/buy button” instead.
  2. After you have placed the product that you wish to purchase in your shopping cart, you can go to the checkout, or continue shopping.
  3. Review your order.
  4. Select a delivery method and fill out your address, email and phone number.
  5. Fill out your credit or debit card details or choose invoice payment.
  6. Confirm your order and check your inbox for an email confirming your order.

If your choice of delivery is straight to your door, we will notify you as soon as your order is ready to be dispatched.

You can change or add any art to your cart at any time. Just update the shopping cart, and then click on checkout again.

In you have any questions in the meantime, please email order@artworks.io


You choose whether to pay by credit card or invoice (invoice only within Sweden). Payment are managed by Stripe.


Delivery within Sweden costs 600 SEK inclusive of VAT (assuming your artworks does not require special needs). We work with companies that specialise in art shipping which means that the art is handled very carefully and that you must be present on delivery. There is also the option for you to collect the artwork - free of charge.


Prices include value added tax (VAT), if otherwise not stated.


Why should I join as an artist? I'm looking for, or might already have a gallery representation.

Our attitude is: you can always do better. And quite frankly, we know there is an audience out there that could fall in love with your work, if they knew that you existed. Artworks helps you to reach an audience that the industry does not reach out to.

So, we are not trying to compete with your gallery or local venue, we are merely a supplement and someone who wish to make great, quality, art accessible to more.

Do I have to be a represented artist to join Artworks?

No, we welcome any professional artist to Artworks but cannot guarantee everyone access.

My gallery advice me not to join Artworks or any other third-party platform, what do I do?

We know that there are people out there who are interested in what you create and would like to know more about you. Unfortunately, today, they don’t know where to look and how to find you. Artworks would like to to fill that gap.

In the future, is Artworks betting against the art gallery?

No, not at all, rather the contrary. It’s just that we are confident that they need to adapt to the behaviours and needs of the modern everyday life.

Nothing, not even great art, is wiped off the walls by chance. And today, the primary art market rely too much on the twist of fate.

I am seeking representation. How can Artworks help me?

We do not represent anyone. What we can give you is personal advice: find a gallery that fits you, and vice versa. For instance, take a look at the artists that are already represented. If you see parallels to your work, reach out to the gallery or – even better – go and see them or connect with one of the already-represented artists to see if they have any suggestions. If they like your work, you have a better chance of a response from the venue than by sending a “to whom it may concern” email.

Do be aware that not all galleries are looking to represent additional artists.

Do I have to be exclusive to Artworks?


How can I claim my artist page on Artworks?

If a profile for you already exists on Artworks and you want to claim it, please contact us at hey@artworks.io

What if my artwork, that I have uploaded to Artworks, is sold elsewhere, would Artworks claim a commission?

No. We only charge a commission for work sold via or through Artworks.

What type of art should I upload and sell on Artworks?

All types of contemporary art, e.g. sculpture, paintings, installations, photography belongs on Artworks as long as it’s unique.

Buyers come here to purchase art that they might not find anywhere else. We check all the art that comes to us, so naturally we would get back to you if we had any thoughts as to what is uploaded.

Do you edit anything that is uploaded to Artworks?

At the heart of Artworks is transparency. To us, it means that you represent yourself and your art and that we take for granted that you provide honest and accurate information.

By joining Artworks, do I commit to stay with you for a certain time or similar?

No. We don’t want to keep you a hostage if you don’t want to be with us. Just ping us an email to hey@artworks.io. Naturally, we would love to hear why in order to improve the product and maybe convince you to stay.

Can I remove artworks from my profile?

You will soon be able to do it yourself but until we have the functionality in place, ping us an email and we will help you, hey@artworks.io

What have you got to lose by being on Artworks?

Very little to be honest. The time it takes to keep your page up-to-date but that doesn’t take much energy. Once you make a sale, Artworks’ transaction fee is 25% which includes shipment, transaction charges and post sales.

If you are represented by a gallery, we insist in liaising with them, and don’t involve with invoicing, shipping, returns and so on. In the case of a sale, we charge the venue 10%.


Seeing the different VAT percentages related to selling art (i.e. 0%, 6%, 12% or 25%) and naturally, we don’t know what to apply to each artist, it is your responsibility to apply the correct VAT percentage by adding your VAT number (momsnummer). If not made available to us we will add the 25% VAT, not to risk getting into trouble with tax authorities.


How do I create a profile page?

As an art venue you can create a profile page by simply clicking here. If your venue or name already exists on Artworks, let us know (email Henrik at hk@artworks.io) and we will link you up with the account.

Why should I join Artworks?

The best way to experience art is to stand in front of it. But how can anyone stand in front of it if they don’t know that it exist? We give you a platform to drive real-life traffic, stronger customer relations, brand visibility and ultimately sales. We focus single-handedly on an audience that you don’t reach today.

Why has someone already created a profile page for me?

We have done it as a gesture of goodwill and also because we believe that you stand for, and represent great art. We would now like to transfer the control of your profile page to you, please register here.

How can I claim my venue on Artworks?

If a venue or name already exists on Artworks and you want to claim it, please click here to register an account to take control of your profile.

How can I remove my profile from Artworks?

To be removed, please email us at hey@artworks.io. We would love to understand why you wish to be removed in order to better our product and possibly convince you to remain.

How do you make money?

We take a sales commission for work sold via, or through Artworks. For venues that do not sell art but rather exhibit art, such as a museum, we charge a monthly listing fee.

How much is the listing fee?

50€ per month.

How much is the sales commission?



We serve our users through an iOS and Android mobile app, as well as the website. The framework that we use is React and React Native.

The platform is truly isomorphic (sharing code between the app/web) and utilises server-side-rendering with webpacks tree-shaking to load dependencies dynamically. At Artworks user experience matters so we want the page to load fast, and make sure it looks great both with and without javascript enabled.

Sounds fun and interesting? Ping us a short email on hey@artworks.io to find out if there are any job openings within tech.


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